I’ve done my best

You only live once, yeah I resurrected that term ! If it wasn’t dead in your vocabulary I feel bad for you!  Seriously back to topic. Jumping out the box is not as bad once you do it. It’s preparing to jump and the doubts you conjure up which remains the problem. Not the actual physical action, it’s the preparation phase.  Every so often you will go through this. You need to just BE, succeed or fail. You only live once and if it is not a total loss of life, wealth, family, or etc. Then what are we waiting for. I fell on my face plenty of times. Probably will do it a bunch more. I can’t live my life with a football helmet on, with the mask to protect my face. God designed that I take those lumps and scars.

When I am dead and gone, everyone needs to know at that particular moment that Khary existed, with the knowledge obtained. He gave it his best, honest, and sincere attempt at with ever it was. Later on when I learned that I was wrong, correcting errors is something he mastered. (well…I tried too)

What’s meant for you will get to you, not a person or a group of people can take it from you. Most importantly no one can give it to you. It’s belongs to the will of Most High and I respect what his mighty pen has written for my life.


Short on words but my emotions are blocking what I want to convey in this post. Hopefully you can pick up on my key message.


We Out!


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