What is Digital Content Marketing ?



It’s creating content on digital platform to drive people to it and build an audience and core following of your brand and the end result is increased traffic.

Ahhh Yes!

In this day and age how you choose to do business is very important. What you spend your budget on is key too. By far the most important thing you do is making sure if you are starting any kind of business you hire a professional photographer.

Your visual presence for your business and website must be on par with what you are positioning yourself in the market you chose. This is where many business owners shoot themselves in the foot by thinking sub par or images don’t matter at all.

For the mom and pop shops, restaurants, or any small business it is highly important that you do this. Because stock imagery won’t cut it, you can’t build a business that will last this way.

It’s not authentic and the power is in the hand of the consumer, so you have to be real on all fronts.

Many owners slack off and don’t see the value in photography. I’ve seen the evidence of this through out websites and social media channels.

You have to beat everyone to the punch in this highly charged digital word of mouth game. You must put your best foot out there first!

If not a customer with the crappy android blurry photo will represent your best selling dish way before you get the chances to present something in it’s proper form.

Don’t believe me check out Yelp!

Do a Google search.

I find myself constantly searching the listings of Yelp and Yellow pages. Seeing how many are not grabbing the bull by the horns.

In 2015 if you are in business, you are a media company too. I highly suggest you treat it as such or get lost. Then you will never be found. From there it is only a matter of time before the doors close.

Digital content is so crucial if you want to build and grow your business.

This is all I have.

Thank you for reading…

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