Stanton City Bites


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Friday’s are always a great day for me and my crew. We head out for great places to eat or familiar spots we love.

For this adventure we are using a Nikon D600 for image captures and using a eye-fi card to get the images over to my iPhone6 plus. To keep a consistent look far as editing I used VSCO editing app with the C2 preset. Enjoy.


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I found my self getting involved with this delicious burger with the knife sticking out of it to keep this monster together:

Cowboy brunch
Fried egg, House fried pickles, grilled onions, bacon, swiss, american cheese, mayo, mustard, lettuce, tomatoes, texas toast.

But for me I minus the bacon, the mayo,  (Khary’s arch nemesis) and I wasn’t feeling like mustard this day.

Khary Dixon Image of stanton city bites the cowboy brunch burger

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This was a personal assignment and this post was not endorsed or nor do I have any affiliation with Stanton City Bites.  This post is for editorial and educational purposes only.

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