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Portrait Photography by Khary Dixonportraits by Houston photography by khary dixon

[one_third] Houston Portrait Photography being served to the Houston area by photographer Khary Dixon. The demand for his portraiture started by shooting images for people who wanted professional headshot photographs but in a not so traditional headshot way, something creative in 2011. This started the demand for his high quality services. In four short years his work expanded from portraiture to food and events which can be seen on commercial websites like NBA Basketball Hall of Fame Center Hakeem Olajuwan’s Dr34m, Ads in  the local “Change Magazine” and now has his images being shown around the world. But creative portraiture still remains his special skill. [/one_third]

 [one_third] Khary has an excellent way of coaching natural poses and looks for a client’s session. He allows your real personality to shine through each frame. Khary travels the Houston Metro area scouting locations for off site that is unique to a client’s vision. If your at lost for ideas he will have plenty to share. Some photographers use natural or ambient light, such as window light and a low aperture to create a shallow depth of field. Khary generally uses a shallow depth of field for editorial style photographs, but he will use his own lighting for additional control.[/one_third]

[one_third_last] Then there are times when a controlled environment is best and a studio location can be provided by Khary and his team. Some times there is a need for extreme detail. Khary incorporates a hybrid of both styles to depending on the goal and vision a client wants to portray. Khary has earned and refined his photography since film cameras (which he still shoots film also) were popular, since the year 2000. He photographs regularly for clients’ personal branding, magazines, established and start-up businesses. For more information please email us at studio@kharydixon.com, request a quote or fill out the form below. [/one_third_last]


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