Illusion Of Talent

The Illusion Of Talent

Yeah, I said it. Do I believe some people naturally seem to grasp new hobbies, sports, or business faster than others? Yes. But for the rest of us that wasn’t born with that specific gene, what do we do?

Study. Practice. Repetition.

These words are Kryptonite for those who want it to come easily to them. I’ll admit, that those dirty words were anything I wanted to do in my down years. But looking back on my photographs and noticing how much better my images have gotten. Because I put in the work to elevate my photog skills. Whether it was me in the middle of an empty grass field or a full commercial photography setup just shooting myself. I worked that into the skill level that is seen today. So seemingly well that I’m paid with the compliments of ” that camera takes nice pictures.” (sarcasm) Nothing will ever get you good unless you take some “L’s” and put in the work. Talent will only get you so far.