Houston Photographer choose XPro1

xpro1-testdrive-Khary-Dixon-Photography-6 xpro1-testdrive-Khary-Dixon-Photography-5

Houston Photographer Khary Dixon explores the world of Fuji pro cameras. It’s not a review just my first couple of frames. (boy, do I love this camera tho) I decided to pick this camera up as a backup for my Nikon D600 being the world is going mirrorless and I haven’t seen a Nikon version of a full frame mirror less camera on the market just yet ( not that this camera is, it’s a crop sensor but it’s intriguing 16.2-megapixel APS-C “X-Trans CMOS” sensor design without an anti-aliasing (blur) filter raises it’s quality). So I decided to go down this path because it gives me flexibility to shoot light on the go with this camera. I am currently using this camera with a x mount to f mount adapter the day I purchased this from the Houston Camera Exchange. I’ve tried some of the Fuji brand lens and I wasn’t happy with them.  Except for the Fuji 35mm F/1.4, I want that lens. I wasn’t impressed by the Fuji 50-140 f/2.8, I have to remember it’s the first version so I will wait it out.  Make sure if you buy this camera second hand you update the firmware in the camera. It unlocks the great improved features from this point you will fall in love. I know I did but it’s just the beginning.

xpro1-testdrive-Khary-Dixon-Photography-4 xpro1-testdrive-Khary-Dixon-Photography-3 xpro1-testdrive-Khary-Dixon-Photography-2 xpro1-testdrive-Khary-Dixon-Photography