Fuji X100

The O.G.

The Original Fuji X100

Fuji X100 by Khary Dixon

Khary Dixon’s used Fuji x100 captured for editorial use for my blog.

I carried my Nikon everywhere and attached to it was my beloved classic 35mm AIS F/1.4 prime lens, I mentions this all to say this rig was heavy and expensive. The combo being brought with me everywhere is not a good thang. One bad drop I’m out of work, one sticky set of fingers I’m out of work. Plus I looked like a pro or a creep because of this camera, and the attention that calls to it. Especially times I would be chilling with my family and just wanted to fit in and take images of family fun a the park or softball games…sheeesh!!!

FAST FORWARD…. The addition to the X100s and Now the X100T are available.

I thought I’d tell you budget conscience people not to overlook this great value in a small camera.

This price drop for this camera down to a range where I could afford a used one and now I just want to talk about a couple reasons why I love the O.G.


It’s like the wild west and I have this thing ready at a moments notice (minus wake up time)  and always on. My advice that I learned from blogs and other areas of the web, BUY EXTRA BATTERIES!!!!!!!!!!



From the straight out the camera black and white jpegs,to the overall build of the camera. The way the sensor captures colors. This was an image I took on my trek across half the country this is early morning and it manage to get good dynamic range in this image:


#3 Convert Missions

The camera is so quiet and so small people just don’t pay any attention to me anymore when I am around with this camera. It is a very unobtrustive device that cranks out some of the best images I’ve seen… I mean AWESOME IMAGES. I’ve crashed two weddings with this camera, okay one! I’ve just shot a couple behind the scene images of photographers while working and it great for the environmental portrait.

Environmental image of photographer working captured by Khary Dixon in Houston Texas

#4 Leaf Shutters ROCK!!!!!!!

I am a big user of “off camera flash” in combination with the leaf shutter which works different than a normal shutter. It makes it easy so I can underexpose the sun almost any time of the day during an outdoor shoot. Which allows me to light the whole picture using battery powered flash units to make very dramatic portraits anytime of the day.

SYNC Speed ..we don’t need no stink in’ SYNC SPEED!!!




These are a few things I love about the Fuji X100 original aka The O.G. classic. Maybe one day I will get my hands on a new version of this camera which I heard addressed everything that is a nuance with this older one.

But for now I am happy and I will live with this camera.

I suggest you buy a used one if you can not afford the latest and greatest.


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