Creative Dilemma


The thought of being a creative is baring your soul, and putting something out in the world that you deal with. It’s the most terrifying thing ever. Skydiving with no parachute.

The perception of a creative is one who just wears thrift clothing and shoot pictures of flowers, babies, and girls. Travel the world with a duffle bag and camera in tow.

It’s not! There are many personal sacrifices.

You’re taking the risk of taking care of your life with your passion that could change any day depending on technology and social media.

You find yourself on a endless quest to keep raising the level of what your are doing.

No matter what field, music, art, writing, etc. We spend countless hours attacking our craft. If not that, the business of our craft. If not that, reading a book or going to a lecture about our craft.

I have personal references that can cosign this. Actors, Comedians, producers that are successful with it.

It’s a mentality of rapper 50 cent’s debut album “Get Rich or Die Trying”

Now honestly let’s take a dose of reality, to put this in perspective it not building pyramids or slave work, No!

It just happens to be this perception out there that it’s just grab the latest pro camera and shoot. Then post it to social media and watch the audience and fans roll in. Then you get rich, no work invoked because I make the best images ever !

This is real and I am at the beginning so I find myself doing cash jobs, business cards, posters, videos, etc. Just to keep the lights on. You got to go out and get it. Hunt it down. Follow up often.

Personally I have no choice this is the wonderful hole I have dug and this will be my personal den.

My regret is that the ones closest to us doesn’t see, how much effort goes into a $75 electric bill. The lights are on who cares. People who are totally removed think your on some Island living it up or think worst.

It’s a mental torture. But there is a twist.

The Curve

I have professional friends who would love to chase their dreams. Doctors, engineers, lawyers,etc. They look at you like you’ve made it. It’s truly perception. These friends of mine give me the energy to keep going forward. I love having a positive support group, my wife being the leader, and then my friends.

But to get to any level where you put a flag up claim land, you have to be ready to deliver the goods. PERIOD. No excuse, no pause!

This leads to the constant search for more knowledge. They don’t see the dark side of the creative life. Like me talking to a camera, or in a mirror, or notebook with a pen.

Read the book Mastery by Robert Greene, great read for creatives.
It takes time and practice to be successful in you medium you chose to fly your flag.


You free your mind from the prejudice and racism of the normal work force.

Man do we love that constancy of a check yes. But the politricks of name, ss#, date of birth on a piece of a paper is insane.

My point is to keep positive and keep mastering your art form.

Remember there are a million people trying to do that what you do, so what are you going to do to stand out.

BE YOU, that is how. There is only one of those. Borrow from leaders. Give back to communities.

Fear is a learn tactic and comes from a negative sources. As creatives we must over come this to be where we want.

I do fear of losing my family but I trust in my ability to trust the higher power that he grants me the inspiration to produce work. Go out into the world and talk to people and say here is my work.

I am Khary and I can grow your business by optimizing your visual presence and putting those images in the right channel backed with a marketing budget you will increase traffic that improve your profit.

This is a blog to myself and documentation of where I am at this point of my life.

I stay in touch with my motivational points.

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Thank you for reading…

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