Buying a Camera

Buying a Camera



“Yo Khary,

What’s better Nikon or Canon. Fuji or Sony? “


If I could get paid off just this question alone I’d be in a small studio in New York with my rent paid in advance for the next 15 years ahead. But truly my answer to this frequently asked question is another question, “Did it talk back to you?”



It’s a “feel good” sort of thing when shopping for a camera, more than a Brand versus Brand. Once you hold a camera, you know if the fit is right for you …..or Nah!

(There are obvious difference from full frame and crop sensor & Pro and Consumer bodies)

Armed with some sort of research I am hoping you know the difference between above mentioned line. It’s a feel good thing. How does it feel in the hand, and where are the buttons located.


The Second thing, which to me is the MOST IMPORTANT thing in photography. It is always over looked by the hype that is put out from the manufacturers and consumers wanting the latest and greatest. It is a motto I made up and I live by:


“G.B.A. = Glass Before A** “

Now what does this mean? It’s a rookie mistake that someone does when heading out to purchase a new camera from the big box stores. For an additional price you can pick up one of those 55-200mm lens with your purchase. Then individual who really wants to get in to photography seriously should avoid such equipment with no consistency with the aperture. You end up selling it …Save up for good glass. A good glass/lense will last you a lifetime, new camera bodies come fast and get out dated just as fast. Invest into your lenses.


Okay, let me ascend from the soap box and answer the real question at hand.

If I was starting with buying a camera I would look at a camera 2-3 years old, current in technology, great shape, and all the software bugs and different hacks will have surfaced. This will be awesome seamless way of integrating all you have. So If you have a big budget to afford a body and lens, I love Canons. But I started piece by piece so I went with Nikon for the fact I could find older great prime lens with great optics. Also my father shoots so yeah… it’s easy to receive the hand me down and borrow things.




I chose the Nikon D600 and a legacy collection of old manual lenses. Which includes my

[one_third] Nikon 35mm F/1.4 [/one_third]

[one_third] Nikon 85mm F/1.8 [/one_third]

[one_third] Nikon 135mm F/2  [/one_third]


This is my Final Answer

SO pick up a couple of camera at your local REAL Camera Store & see what fits in your hands best. After you try out the different brands and feel the ergonomics make your decision. After that get your self a prime lens and stay away from zoom lenses that have a variable aperture like” F/3.5-5.6 “if you see these marking on a lens don’t buy it.  Something like 50mm F/1.4 should do the trick, notice I said F/1.4 not F/1.8 ! Get yourself the best quality up front.

This is just my opinion and path I took toward my photography path. I learned by trial and a lot of error. Take what you get good from this and apply it.


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