YoKhary Ramadan Reflection Part One

Ramadan | Distractions Averted




Distractions; All of us have them for sure. Ramadan is an escape from those normal unexpected ones, that we police our ourselves from. We cage our natural instincts to provide a spiritual safe haven to build the light in our souls and remove the black spots from our hearts in an accelerated manner. WE invest that time toward the good by reading Quran, sacrificing normal sleep to participate in night prayers, hitting our normal prayers on time, remembering Allah, or doing good righteous deeds. In tow with abstaining from negative acts and even removing things that are normally allowed for the sake of gaining a higher spirituality toward our Lord.

The beauty of it all is we are aided with Allah’s (SWT) help by him closing the gates of hell and chaining the major devils that interfere in our affairs. This relief comes and goes quickly, or “FAST”! (Pun Intended) Special Thanks to one of my mentors for sharing this point. We recorded 2 parts this is the first of the videos.

Author: Yo! Khary

The passionate photographer that loves creating portraits of people in locations. I'm located in Houston, Texas. I have been blessed with the ability to dominate the low post in basketball games on who ever tries to guard me.