Ramadan The Month Of Dua

I’ve have stumbled many times in my life and I have been at my worst and I was on the verge of giving up. The walls felt as though they were closing in on me.

I have had several near death experiences, or things I’ve walked away from with just a couple of contusions or at the worst a high ankle sprain.

The link that all these have in common was I remembered calling out to Allah when I was in dire need and he answered.

I’ve seen things come to fruition that I have asked for and more came with it more than I could have ever imaged. You reading this from me currently, is a dua answered from our Creator.

I get very emotional and long-winded when it comes to how merciful Allah has been to me in my short life on this earth. Some things can not be explained in a quick blog post.

My point is this, NEVER fail to call Your Lord no matter the situation. HE will always answer. Heading into these last 10 night of Ramadan, I plan on plenty of “Face Time” (praying in sujood). This is where we lay it all out and leave the outcome of affairs we desire to have here in these last ten night.

Allah is waiting for us to call on Him & He will respond.

“If my servant asks of me, indeed I am near”.
Quran 2:186

Author: Yo! Khary

The passionate photographer that loves creating portraits of people in locations. I'm located in Houston, Texas. I have been blessed with the ability to dominate the low post in basketball games on who ever tries to guard me.