keep alive your dream-episode 002

Keep Alive Your Dreams- Ep 002.
Eid Mubarak,
In this video I start off covering the Eid prayer for CLIC and all the fun there. Following our Eid tradition we go to the Kemah boardwalk and my kids saw the Boardwalk beast and so I go over my first ever job in photography and the mindset that I had coming into this retail photography position. It was a big change for me being that I just moved from Chester, Pennsylvania to Houston, Texas. I remember being so hunger and eager to just make a new life here. It was nice to revisit the Kemah Boardwalk, after spending summers there working.
My point with this video was to seize the opportunities handed to you no matter how bad they suck and keep a compass pointing north toward your dreams you have. I am nowhere near where my goals are but I do recognize my progress.

Author: Yo! Khary

The passionate photographer that loves creating portraits of people in locations. I'm located in Houston, Texas. I have been blessed with the ability to dominate the low post in basketball games on who ever tries to guard me.